Annie Neil
Exalted Ruler
The “President.” He/she is the Executive Officer of the Lodge and enforces required duties.
Stephen Hansen
Esteemed Leading Knight
“1st Vice-President.” Assists the Exalted Ruler in the performance of his/her duties.
Brian Buffington
Esteemed Loyal Knight
“2nd Vice President.” Second in command in the absence of the Exalted Ruler.
Robert Nashif
Esteemed Lecturing Knight
“3rd Vice President.” Third in command in the absence of the Exalted Ruler.

The Exalted Ruler, Leading Knight, Loyal Knight, and Lecturing Knight are “Chair Officers” and are members of the Board. Ideally, the Knight positions are rotated through the chairs in their respective order and become Exalted Ruler. In addition, the Knights perform any duties appointed to them or that is specified in the Laws of the Order or Lodge By-Laws.

Tom Anders
Stationed to the right of the Exalted Ruler he/she prepares candidates for initiation, and introduces visitors.
Diane Nelson
Stationed to the left of the Exalted Ruler during Lodge meetings, he/she recites the opening and closing prayers.
Jorge Delgado
Inner Guard
Positioned at the inner door during Lodge meetings, the Inner Guard allows only those qualified to enter.
Annie Walsh
Stationed at the door of the Lodge at all meetings, he/she permits no person to enter without permission from Exalted Ruler.

The Chaplain, Esquire, Inner Guard, and Tiler are appointed by the Exalted Ruler. All other positions are elected. All officers perform other duties as appointed or as required by the Laws of the Order or Lodge By-Laws.

Mark Adamske
Oversees the electrical needs of the lodge in regards to ceremonial lighting for lodge meetings and initiations.
Teresa Wallage
Records minutes, maintains accounts, handles all correspondence, prepares membership cards.
Carol Bartles
Receives all monies from the Secretary, pays approved bills, maintains record of receipts, and signs all checks.
Mark Bradwell
One Year Trustee
Chairman of the Board

The House Committee is made up of the 5 Trustees. The House Committee controls the bar and social quarters of the Lodge. All decisions and actions of the House Committee are subject to the control and direction of the Lodge and its members by discussions and votes at Lodge meetings. The Board includes the 4 Chairs and the 5 Trustees including the Lodge Secretary and Lodge Treasurer. The Chairman of the Board is voted on yearly.

Marybeth O’Leary
Two Year Trustee
Lounge Liaison & Chairman of Club Management
Tanna McLean
Three Year Trustee
Tom Erickson
Four Year Trustee
Ron Pfingsten
Five Year Trustee

The Lodge Trustees control the funds and property of the Lodge and hold regular monthly meetings, keep a record of all investments and purchase all Lodge supplies, provide for an Accident Prevention Program, and present an annual Lodge budget.