Planning Your Event

This is where it starts. Maybe you already have a very specific idea for an event. Or maybe you are reinventing a previous event and need a bit of inspiration. Either way, great! It’s time to plan.


First, outline the essentials and answer these key essential questions and get started:

  • What’s the purpose of my event? This will give you a clear focus for the coming stages and help you prioritize.
  • Who’s the target audience? This will affect your communication strategy, which channels you use, your tone of voice, and so on.
  • How will you make it happen?  In order to put an event together at the Lodge you will have to follow a step of procedures.

To help you, our experienced members created a “How to Plan an Elks Event” Please follow the document guidelines and ask any Officer any time you need help. You will also need to fill out the Activities Form for every event you have and give it to the office along with your other forms.


Ready to Promote – let your public relations committee help by filling out the “PR Event Form to get your event promoted on the:

  • Elks Facebook
  • Elks Instagram
  • Elks Website
  • Snooze and Weekly Blast


Want to advertise more?  We have a “compiled list” of additional resources so you yourself can advertise your event.  Be creative, think outside the box, and have fun promoting your events.

After the Event

  1. Turn in Volunteer Hours Worksheet to the lodge office or they can be emailed to
  2. Turn in monies raised to the lodge and receipts for expenses (if applicable).
  3. Give us a summary of your event.  Was it successful? Money raised for charity? How many people attended? We would love to share the success of your event with our members via The Snooze Newsletter, our website and social media.  Photos are welcomed and can be sent to